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Advancing the on the benchmark set by Image Dynamics' CXS series, the company presents its new flagship series of speakers, the XS components. The culmination of an engineering driven research and development project to produce sound performance that is without compromise, the XS series from Image Dynamics is built to deliver unparalleled high fidelity sound.

The XS series represents a tour de force of Image Dynamics' expertise and craftsmanship, elevating car audio musical presentation to a whole new level. The ultimate goal in Image Dyamics' persuit of a high sound quality car audio system was to produce a component system that would excel in the special perspective of an automotive environment, and they have outdone themselves once again.

The close-up environment of autosound naturally results in a more intimate sound, approaching that provided by headphones. For this, Image Dynamics had to put countless hours into the detail and design of their XS series, to ensure the accurate reproduction of as many sound frequencies as possible. Engineered to meet the most challenging acoustic conditions of a car, the XS series has precise linearity and dynamics of midbass, seamless blending of mids and highs, with a flat and exceptionally smooth response from the tweeters.

While listening to the XS series components, you will be drawn irresistibly to the music, feeling the same adrenaline rush as being present at a live concert, but this time in your own car. Image Dynamics has once again delivered stunning results with their XS series, demonstrating amazing accuracy, clarity, focus and ambiance that is unmatched in the car audio world.

Also note that being an innovative, cutting-edge component system, they have allowed multiple tweeter mounting options, along with the possibility of mounting the tweeter in the center of the midrange (Coaxial/convertible configuration) for optimal installation positions.

Allow yourself to experience music like never before, with the series of speakers that represents the highest level of in-car music reproduction available, the Image Dynamics XS series components!g providing the listener with a clear, and precise in-car sound experience like no other.


  • Composite multi layer ceramic fiber and Rohacell cones structure
  • External ring Neodymium Magnet Motor Structure
  • Nomex spiders with progressive roll design
  • Parabolic rubber surround reduces moving mass and increases cone area
  • Fiberglass composite non-resonant basket designed to eliminate reflective distortion


  • 28 mm hand coated soft silk dome
  • Removable face plate and grill assembly
  • Multiple mounting options, separate and coaxial
  • High grade neodymium motor structure
  • Aluminum wire voice coil
  • Mounting depth .85"


  • Metalized Polypropylene capacitors
  • Low loss 16 gauge air core inductors
  • Different crossover alignments for different mounting configurations
  • Custom tooled case that worthy of highlight in your installation


  • Frequency response (hz) 60 to 22000
  •  Voice coil (Single or dual) Single
  •  Voice coil impedance (ohms) 4
  •  Voice coil Diameter (inches/mm) 1.4/35.56
  •  Recommended Power Range (watts) 15 to 125
  •  Mounting Diameter Tweeter (inches/mm) 1.97/50.04
  •  Mounting Depth Tweeter (inches/mm) .8/20.32
  •  Mounting Diameter Midbass (inches/mm) Standard
  •  Mounting Depth Midbass (inches/mm) 3.61/91.69