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Please CLICK HERE to register for dealer pricing!


by PAC



  • The same as VCI-GM1 but for GM Navigation radios with touch screen. Note: Will only work for Delphi made radios. It will not work for Denso made radios which includes the new Corvettes and XLR with Navigation radio.
  • For GM Navigation Vehicles WITH Touchscreen Control
  • Special Interface Ribbon cable Included, No Splicing!
  • Converts the composite video source of a back-up camera to separate R,G,B and sync wire signals
  • Built in switcher. The device will switch between original video source (navigation video source) or the external video back-up camera
  • Brightness controls
  • R,G,B and Sync bare wire inputs. R,G,B, and Sync bare wire outputs
  • Universal interface for vehicles with no Plug and Play solutions. Cutting and splicing will be required
  • Can be hidden in many places, including behind radios in most vehicles
  • Two Video Inputs
  • Video 1: Toggle Switch Control
  • Video 2: Reverse light trigger input
  • Dimensions: 3.75" L x 3" W x 3.19" H