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VBRMOT001 Vibration Alert (must be used with e-box)


  • Can Use the Grey IHC Wire and program if only using 1 Vibration Alert. If using more than 1 vibration alert than the Enhancement Box (E-Box must also be used for more than 1 alert) 
  • Can be used with any Mobileye series
    (MUST be updated to the latest firmware) and with the Enhancement box (E-box) in order to supply the driver with additional vibration (haptic) alerts for various system alerts 
  • Can be used with any Mobileye as long as it is connected to the Enhancement Box (it cannot be used if the E-box is not installed) 
  • Can be easily attached to the driver seat or to the steering column [or any other (safe) place that will relay the vibrating alert to the driver] 
  • Will react to system alerts according to the configuration that was done during installation 
  • Vibration pattern and duration for various alerts is controlled using the Enhancement Box output configuration screen in the installation wizard 
  • Up to 3 different system alerts can be assigned to each vibration alert device 
  • Up to 2 vibration alert devices can be connected to the Enhancement box (using output 1 & 2)  
  • Compatible with 12 or 24 volts vehicle electrical systems (additional 60 ohms resistor is required for 24V vehicles)