Ford Mustang Subwoofer Box

TANG210P Speaker Enclosure

Speaker/Subwoofer Enclosure Specifications
♦Single 12" Ported Subwoofer Box
♦Rear Firing Enclosure
♦Platinum Spring Loaded Terminal
♦100% American-made GREEN enclosure
Installation: Slides up against rear seat, installs through trunk opening. Port must be added after installation using silicon and provided screws
Note: Works with Shaker System. Does not work with Mach systems or convertibles models.

♦Adjustable Port Information

- Tunable to subwoofer or drivers preference
- Comes tuned to 34hz
- Tuning frequency may be increased by cutting down the port – each inch cut off is equal to 1hz increased frequency

Example: If you cut 2” off the port, the port will be tuned at 36hz

Net Volume Port Volume Port Length fb/F3
TANG210P 2.1 19 sq" 21" 34/30
20" 34/31
19" 35/31
18" 36/31
17" 37/31
16" 38/31
15" 39/31






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Bottom Width
Top Width
Custom Fit



Fits the Following Vehicles
♦05-15 Ford Mustang Coupe