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In-Wall Cabinet for the SubRosa in-wall subwoofer.

Listen to the sounds of a 2700 Watt premium subwoofer working in perfect harmony with the design of your room. Introducing the most powerful In-Wall subwoofer on the market today: Sunfire’s SubRosa™ SRS-210W with StillBass™ anti-shake technology. At the heart of this tour-de-force are two, newly designed XT Series exclusives that let the SubRosa go where no other 2700 Watt subwoofer can: in your walls. The first is Sunfire’s low-profile High Back-emf 10” woofers that are 30% slimmer than those found in our non-XT Series in-room subwoofers. The second is our all-new, patent-pending StillBass technology. As a result, the SubRosa combines a powerful subwoofer design with the vibro-tactile to produce prodigious amounts of bass while virtually eliminating destructive wall vibrations. The SubRosa SRS-210W is emblematic of a no-compromise design philosophy in evidence throughout the entire XT Series range.

How does the SRS-210W put out 2700 Watts from a cabinet just 4” thin? Well, start with their two,10” high excursion, thin profile woofers. They’re an XT Series exclusive, based on a highly improved version of Sunfire’s renowned High Back-emf design. Improvements include the use of high-strength, rare-earth neodymium magnets which are 5X stronger than conventional ferrite magnets. Their newly designed suspension and inverted surrounds provide uniform travel within the speaker’s ultra-thin design. As a result, the SubRosa yields enormously high output from a cabinet no deeper than the width of a business card! The back box features the slimmest cabinet profile in the industry. It fits in to a standard wall construction with 2”x4” / 16” on-center studs. The Gold-plated, spring-loaded terminals simplify installation without compromising performance. And, Sunfire’s Frequency Filtration Design™ (FFD), features a woofer capable of reproducing 10% more information than previous designs. Combined with a newly tuned amp crossover network and auto room EQ, the system is matched to produce natural, yet dynamic bass – regardless of whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music.

REQUIRES: SRA2700EQ (amp), SRS210WB (baffle), and SRS210WG (grille).