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Radio Replacement Interface for General Motors LAN 29-Bit Vehicles w/ Bose Amplified & Non-Amplified Systems

     The CRUX SOCGM-18 retains General Motors factory-featured safety and warning chimes — for installation of after-market radios. It provides 12 Volt Accessory output (4 Amp), including RAP (Retained Accessory Power), Illumination Output (2A. max), telephone negative mute trigger (output to new stereo), low voltage (battery run-down protection), and adjustable chime volume.

  • Features
    • Retains factory features in select GM LAN 29 Bit vehicles with aftermarket radios
    • Supports Bose, non-Bose and Y-91 audio systems.
    • Retains factory front and rear parking sensors.
    • Retains safety and warning chime functions.
    • Adjustable Chime Volume
    • EIA color coded wiring for easy installation.

    Note: Please confirm the above options prior to removing the factory radio. Some features may have to be turned on using factory menu options.