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MB Quart marine and powersports certified 6.5 inch wake tower coincident mounted compression horns in a compact enclosure featuring UHS (ultra-high sensitivity) Technology and Wavelength Transparent Acoustic Lenses with a polypropylene cone. Packaged as pairs.


  • Marine Grade Protection / IPX Rating:  LIFE SHIELD: Tested to the highest marine and motorsports standards for protection against sun fade, fresh/salt water spray as well as dust and sand.
  • Tweeters:  1 inch pure Titanium dome tweeter for very smooth musical response, high output with minimal required amplifier power.
  • Cone Material:  6.5 inch Composite Poly Midrange: Water resistant composite polypropylene cone with temperature stable Butyl rubber surround mounted on a lightweight composite frame.
  • Surround / Cone Coupling:  Natural Butyl Rubber Surround remains musical in all weather. Does not stiffen in cold.
  • ​Voice Coil / Former Assembly:  High temperature copper voice coil. Voice coil is high temperature copper, wound on a Kapton former which allows the voice coil to handle more power while remaining light in weight.
  • Spider:  Water resistant, woven fiber composite spider to stabilize the cone and voice coil in all musical situations.
  • Cooling System:  Front and rear venting allows air passage through the spider and back plate to exchange air over the voice coil.
  • Crossover:  Marine Certified Crossover: Conformal Coated, Butterworth 12dB per octave crossover with PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) tweeter protection. Smooth transition from high to lower frequencies remain musicial and not harsh or distorted.
  • Enclosure:  Heavy duty injection molded ABS cast enclosure provides strength and improved bass response with increased volume while remaining very lightweight.
  • Frame:  Composite ABS and glass fiber add strenth to the frame without adding distortions or harmonics that can affect the tonal quality of the speaker.
  • Motor:  High energy Y30 strontium ferrite magnet for higher output with minimal amplifier power.
  • Grills:  PERSONALIZED FINISH: The Nautic compression horn speakers are finished in a hardened composite. Each speaker includes three different grills. Black, Silver and White. Many enthusiasts use the white insert to lightly sand and paint to match their personal style and vehicle.
  • Hardware:  Mounting hardware are Die Cast for strength and powder coated to resisted outdoor elements of sun, spray and dust. The mounting system between the pipe mount and the tower enclosure has an internal steel mounting plate for additional strength. Eleven mounting hardware options from 1.5" to 2.75” included. Centering ring allows the speakers to tip left/right when mounted to an arced mount.
  • Additional Features:  Coincident Mounted Compression Horn: Overall volume is improved as much as +5dB over conventional speakers, Wavelength Transparent Acoustic Lens improves midrange frequencies through the cone.


  • Speaker RMS Power Handling (watts):  75
  • Speaker Peak Power Handling (watts):  150
  • Speaker Impedance (ohms):  30Hz-24kHz
  • Speaker Sensitivity:  92dB
  • Speaker Crossover Slope:  12dB
  • Speaker Tower Length (in):  9.0
  • Speaker Hang Height (in):  7.6
  • Speaker Height (in):  6.75
  • Speaker Width (in):  6.75
  • Speaker Size (in):  6.5
  • Weight:  14.85 lbs
  • Dimensions:  16.75 × 10 × 13 in