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MB Quart marine and powersports certified 8 inch coincident mounted compression horns featuring UHS (ultra-high sensitivity) Technology and Wavelength Transparent Acoustic Lenses with a polypropylene cone. Packaged in pairs.


  • Marine Grade Protection / IPX Rating:  LIFE SHIELD: Tested to the highest marine and motorsports standards for protection against sun fade, fresh/salt water spray as well as dust and sand.
  • Tweeters:  1 inch pure Titanium dome tweeter for very smooth musical response, high output with minimal required amplifier power.
  • Cone Material:  8 inch Composite Poly Midrange: Water resistant composite polypropylene cone with temperature stable Butyl rubber surround mounted on a lightweight composite frame.
  • Surround / Cone Coupling:  Natural Butyl Rubber Surround remains musical in all weather. Does not stiffen in cold.
  • ​Voice Coil / Former Assembly:  High temperature copper voice coil. Voice coil is high temperature copper, wound on a Kapton former which allows the voice coil to handle more power while remaining light in weight.
  • Spider:  Water resistant, woven fiber composite spider to stabilize the cone and voice coil in all musical situations.
  • Cooling System:  Front and rear venting allows air passage through the spider and back plate to exchange air over the voice coil.
  • Crossover:  Marine Certified Crossover: Conformal Coated, Butterworth 12dB per octave crossover with PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) tweeter protection. Smooth transition from high to lower frequencies remain musicial and not harsh or distorted.
  • Frame:  Composite ABS and glass fiber add strenth to the frame without adding distortions or harmonics that can affect the tonal quality of the speaker.
  • Motor:  High energy Y30 strontium ferrite magnet for higher output with minimal amplifier power.
  • Grills:  PERSONALIZED FINISH: The Nautic compression horn speakers are finished in a hardened composite. Each speaker includes three different grills. Black, Silver and White. Many enthusiasts use the white insert to lightly sand and paint to match their personal style and vehicle.
  • Additional Features:  Coincident Mounted Compression Horn: Overall volume is improved as much as +5dB over conventional speakers, Wavelength Transparent Acoustic Lens improves midrange frequencies through the cone.


  • Speaker RMS Power Handling (watts):  90
  • Speaker Peak Power Handling (watts):  180
  • Speaker Impedance (ohms):  20Hz-24kHz
  • Speaker Sensitivity:  92dB
  • Speaker Crossover Slope:  12dB
  • Speaker Height (in):  4.9
  • Speaker Mounting Diameter / Cut Out (in):  7.0
  • Speaker Outside Diameter (in):  8.46
  • Speaker Mounting Depth / Chassis Depth (in):  3.9
  • Speaker Size (in):  8
  • Weight:  11.05 lbs
  • Dimensions:  22.5 × 10 × 8.5 in