CLARION MW-4 Wired marine remote control with 2.8" color LCD screen

  • 2.8" color LCD screen
  • control your system from anywhere onboard
  • install up to 3 remotes on your boat
  • meets or exceeds ASTM B117 standards for salt/fog exposure
  • meets or exceeds ASTM D4329 standards for UV exposure
  • IP66 dust/water ingress protection rating
  • can replace MW1 and MW2 remotes
  • warranty: 1 year


Wired Marine Remote: With Clarion's MW4 wired marine remote, you'll be able to control your compatible Clarion marine head unit at arms-reach.

Compatibility: The MW4 wired marine remote control is compatible with select Clarion marine head units (as of 11/4/2015).

  • CMV Series: CMV1
  • CMD Series: CMD6, CMD7, CMD8, CMD9
  • CMS Series: CMS1, CMS5
  • M Series: M303, M309, M502, M505, M606

Note: Up to three MW4 remotes can be installed to one Clarion marine head unit.

Marine Tested: The Clarion MW4 has been designed and tested to hold up to the harsh marine environment.

  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM B117 (Salt/Fog Exposure)
  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM D4329 (UV Exposure)
  • IP66 (Dust/Water Ingress Protection Rating)

2.8" Optically Bonded LCD: The MW4 wired marine remote control features a 2.8" color optically-bonded LCD screen and white LED button illumination. The LCD screen will show source selection, song/artist information, and menu settings.

IR Repeater: The MW4 features a built-in IR repeater, so it can work with your Clarion marine head unit's wireless remote control.

Wiring: The attached 11" cable on the MW4 connects to the back of your Clarion marine head unit. Because the attached cable is only 11" long, in most cases an extension cable will be needed. Up to three extension cables totaling 75' can be daisy-chained together.

Note: The MW4 can be used in conjunction with Clarion's MF1 marine RF remote control. This type of setup requires a proprietary Y-adapterr.

Surface Mount Bracket: The remote comes with an aluminum surface mount C-clamp. The remote mounts to the front of your mounting surface, while the mounting bracket mounts behind the mounting surface. The bracket attaches to the back of the remote via the included hardware and sandwiches the mounting surface in between the remote and bracket. You will need to drill two 0.1875" screw holes to attach the bracket to the remote, and you'll will need drill out a 0.8125" (in diameter) opening for the wired remote's cable to pass-through.