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The Mobileye ME-5 Enhancement Box (E Box) is a new adapter that allows for installation of the Mobileye 5 system in any vehicle regardless of J1939 availability. It can also be used to drive two configurable ground outputs.


  • Outputs – typical ground out with 100mA capacity
  • Alert Outputs can be selected by type, either continuous or patterned
  • Can be used for a full analog Mobileye 5 series installation, for a mixed CAN/Analog Mobileye 5 series installation or just as a source for 2 additional analog outputs in a full CAN installation
  • Supports up to 6 analog signals inputs (for non-CAN bus vehicles) and 2 analog outputs for various devices/applications
  • Enables easier installation on vehicle with a limited variety of signals on the CAN-bus and/or with no CAN-bus
  • Two Enhancement Box outputs can be individually configured for up to 3 alerts each for potential functions such as:
  • Muting the Radio – Connecting either output to the radio mute wire can mute the radio whenever HMW is below defined threshold. This action makes the driver aware of unsafe distance by muting audio system.
  • Deactivate Cruise Control – Connecting either output to the Cruise Control inhibitor switch can deactivate Cruise Control whenever HMW event is issued. This application becomes the first Retrofit Enhanced Cruise Control (ECC) system.
  • Driving Haptic Feedback Device – Connecting to external vibrator installed in the driver's seat in order to supply haptic feedback warning. This application provides an extremely innovative and effective alert to the driver.