METRA MAXICURE2 Maxi-Cure Glue - 2 Ounces

Extra Thick CA Is The Best CA For Most Plastics. Incuding GE Lexan Maxi-Cure. When Used With Insta-Set. It Works Better Than Any Putty For Modifing Or Filling Voids. It Can Be Carved With A Knife Or A Razor Blade And Sanded And Feathered To Form A Finish Indistinguishable From Plastic. Maxi-Cure Bonds Fiberglass Hardwood Metal And Rubber Better Than Any Other Hobby Ashesive. For Gluing To The Inside Cloth Textured Surfaces Of Fiberglass. Scrape The Area To Be Bonded With A Razor Blade Or Coarse Sandpaper Before Using Maxi-Cure Or Any Other Adhesive.