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by PAC


You don't want to have unsightly wires hanging all over your dash? We've got you covered. This Bluetooth adapter receives audio wirelessly from your smartphone, then sends it to your factory radio.


If your factory radio doesn't have an auxiliary input, you're still in good shape. You can use the TranzItBlu's FM antenna connection to link into the antenna connection on the back of your radio. That way, you're essentially "broadcasting" the audio signal to any FM frequency on your factory radio. If you live in a problem area, you can download a TranzItBlu app that lets you choose any frequency on the FM range, eliminating audio interference problems from other radio stations.

  • Bluetooth Enabled FM Transmitter for Apple Devices (A2DP Audio)
  • Compatible with any FM radio, factory or aftermarket
  • Wireless streaming of music utilizing Bluetooth technology
  • Hideaway module that keeps the stock look
  • Interrupts incoming antenna signal when in use for supreme audio performance
  • Automatically reconnects with paired device
  • Auto turn on/off, no switch needed
  • Works with FM antenna connection or factory auxiliary input
  • Infinite channel selection through free mobile application
  • RCA audio out for compatible radios with AUX audio input 
  • Requires basic installation

APP Update Information!                                                                                                                                                             No iOS 11 app updates are planned for ISFM23.

The product IS still usable, just not with the app. You would need to have an installer locate the ISFM23 module behind your dash and flip the switch on the module from APP mode to FM mode (diagram available for manual on "downloads" tab). Unfortunately, this product is over 10 years old, and has been updated with our ISFM2351 model.