The FS12 is built to blow you away. It’s the best, most powerful free-standing subwoofer we’ve ever made, with a 300-watt RMS Class D digital amplifier, a seriously beefed-up 12-inch composite cone woofer and a 12-inch passive radiator to beef up the low bass notes. It’s the perfect sub for state-of-the-art home theaters.
Pure muscle in a compact design. When we designed the FS12, we wanted it to beat every sub we’ve ever made—and not just by a few dB. We’re confident that when you hear how the FS12 can shake the couch with deep bottom end, while also pulling out every little bass detail in even the most delicate music recordings, you’ll be totally blown away. How’d we do it? Sheer muscle. The FS12 has a 12-inch composite driver with an extra-wide surround that lets the cone move further and produce more output. It’s driven by a 300-watt Class D amp—and that’s RMS, not the “peak power” rating many subs use. A passive radiator reinforces the deep bass and keeps the size down to less than 17 inches on the sub’s longest side.
  • 12" Polypropylene-Coated Fiber Composite Woofer
  • 12" Down-Firing Passive Woofer
  • Type: Class D Amp
  • Power Rating Continuous: 300 Watts RMS
  • Power Rating Peak: 600 Watts Peak
  • Frequency Response: 28Hz - 150Hz
  • Subwoofer Output: 106dB SPL
  • Inputs: Left & Right Line Level, LFE
  • Outputs: Line Level High-Pass
  • Phase Switch: 0 - 180 Ohms
  • Crossover: 50Hz - 150Hz; Bypass
  • Auto On, Anti-Clipping Circuitry
  • Black Wood Grain with Dampened Rubber Feet
  • Dimensions: H 16 5/8" x W 14 1/2" x D 15 1/2"