Car Audio :750W r.m.s./1500Wmax
Hydraulics and Mobility applications (an upgrade to the V20-600)

 Nominal Voltage  20Hr Capacity  Burst Amps  Terminal Posts  Dimensions Weight Charging Current* Charging Voltage Float Voltage
 12V  22AH  800A 6mm (included) 7"w x 3"d x 6.6"h 15lb 2A-7A 14.4-14.9V 13.5V-13.8V
* Warning: Do not use a wet battery constant current charger to recharge any VMAX battery.*

Charging Options:

  • Smart / Microprocessor controlled charger
  • Alternator: 14V-15V.
  • RV Converter: 14V-15V.
  • Solar Panel: 35W-110W.
  • Charge Controller: 3.5A-30A

Operating Temperature Range:

  • Discharge: -4~140F
  • Charge:     14~140F
  • Storage:     -4~140F

Temperature Compensation:

  • Cycle use:     -30mV/C
  • Standby use: -20mV/C