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Metra GM Data Interface with SWC 2019-Up

  • Provides retained accessory power (10-amp)
  • Provides illumination, parking brake, reverse, and speed sense outputs
  • Retains warning chimes through an onboard speaker
  • Retains audio controls on the steering wheel
  • Designed to be compatible with all major radio brands
  • Auto detects vehicle type, radio connection, and preset controls
  • Ability to dual assign steering wheel control buttons
  • Retains memory settings even after battery disconnection or interface removal (nonvolatile memory)
  • Designed for non-amplified models, or when bypassing a factory amplifier
  • Retains balance and fade
  • Micro-B USB updatable



  • Blazer 2019-Up (1) (6)
  • Camaro 2019-Up (2) (6)
  • Colorado 2019-Up (2)
  • Equinox 2019-Up (2) (6)
  • Malibu 2019-Up (3) (6)
  • Silverado 2019-Up (2) (6)
  • Volt 2019


  • Acadia 2019-Up (4) (6)
  • Canyon 2019-Up (2)
  • Sierra 1500 2019-Up (2) (6)
  • Terrain 2019-Up (5) (6)


  • XT4 2019-Up

(1) IOT or IOU code radio +
(2) IOS or IOT code radio +
(3) IOU or IOS code radio +
(4) IOU code radio +
(5) IOS, IOT, or IOU code radio +
(6) For extension use AXEXH-GM30

+ The radio code can be found in the Service Parts Identification Label located:

Glove box – Equinox/Terrain
QR only (see note) – Acadia/Blazer/Camaro/Canyon/Colorado/Malibu/Sierra/Silverado

Note: Newer model GM vehicles are transitioning to a QR style label. If the Service Parts Identification Label is not located where listed, reference the Vehicle Certification Label on the inside of the driver’s door opening for the QR code.