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METRA (99-8215) TOYOTA AVALON 2005-2010

This stereo installation kit has been engineered to help you install a 2” tall (Single-DIN) aftermarket radio into the original vehicle dashboard. This dash kit makes radio replacement simple and comes with a pocket that is installed below the 2” radio to fill the extra space in the radio opening, which can be used for storage. The dash kit is designed to match the original look and feel of the vehicle’s dashboard. Installing an aftermarket radio can upgrade the sound quality and provide additional features the original factory radio couldn’t offer but requires this dash kit to make it fit.


  • Stereo installation kit designed to fit any standard 2” tall aftermarket radio
  • Radio relocation harness is required if the included harness does not retain the factory HVAC display*(1)*
  • Included harness is pre-wired for the Axxess AXSWC steering wheel control interface (sold separately)
  • Made from the highest quality ABS plastic for an original factory-like fit and finish
  • Includes detailed installation instructions
  • A tech support number is available for installation help 7 days a week


  • Harness
    • 70-1761 (non amplified)(sold separately)
    • AXTO-TY1 (amplified)(sold separately)
    • Radio relocation harness to retain the OE display (1)
      • 70-8215 (without JBL Amp) (sold separately)
      • 70-8215AMP (with JBL Amp) (sold separately)
  • Antenna Adapter :  Not Required

(1) Only required if the included harness does not activate the factory