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The Rattlesnake 611T is an extremely versatile solid-state switch that can be used for many installation needs. Can be programmed normally open/normally closed, switched on with positive or negative input pulse, programmed to act as a latch or a timer. In latched mode, will toggle on/off each time an input is sensed. In timer mode, can be programmed from 1-100 seconds. For precision operations, can be used to obtain very accurate output times in the 0-1 second window.


  • Versatile Solid-State Switch
  • Switched on with Positive or Negative Input Pulse
  • 3-Pin and 2-Pin Wiring Harness Included
  • Programmed to Act as a Latch or a Timer
    • In Latched Mode: Will Toggle ON/OFF Each Time an Input is Sensed
    • In Timer Mode: Able to be programmed 0 to 100 Seconds
  • Dimensions: 6"W x 6"D x 6"H