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DIN stands for "Deutsche Industrie Normen" which the Germans starting using to standardize radios in Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, and VWs in the mid 80’s.  It has since become the industry standard.

These kits enable you to mount a RetroSound® Laguna, Hermosa or Long Beach radio into vehicles that have been either altered to a modern DIN opening (7-inches x 2-inches) or originally came equipped with a DIN-sized radio.

  • Special adapter brackets and a cage are included to install the radio into your DIN dash opening.
  • Price includes a faceplate of your choice
  • Faceplate part number 404 is a metal plate that can be painted to match your vehicle's interior.
  • Only works on a flat dash. 

Compatible RetroSound® radios are available to purchase separately below.

Visit Build Your Own Radio to select a knob set and complete your customized radio.

    Note : Bezels, knobs, faceplates, and replacement parts are non-returnable.