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This HushMat Gasket Kit with Silencer Megabond provides outstanding acoustic and sealing properties. Silencer Megabond is a self-adhesive, compressible closed cell synthetic rubber material that offers aggressive sound absorption properties over a broad frequency range and also compresses to provide exceptional sealing properties. It also provides excellent thermal insulation. Silencer Megabond is designed to eliminate higher frequency airborne noise that damping materials do not treat. The 1/8 in. thickness is ideal for gasketing applications where plastic and metal rub together and squeak. Simply form, cut, peel and stick! This kit contains 2 sheets of 1/8 in., 23 in. x 36 in. Silencer Megabond for 11.5 sq. ft. of coverage.


  • 1/8-in. thickness is ideal for applying to back of plastic panels, lining glove box, console, tray or any plastic trim that might squeak or rattle when rubbed
  • Absorbs wind noise, engine noise, road/tire noise and exhaust noise between 600 Hz to 4 kHz
  • Performance over a broad temperature range up to 300°F, reducing firewall and tunnel heat
  • Weather- and UV-resistant
  • Unaffected by moisture and chemicals, including alkalis and acids
  • Abrasion-resistant with aggressive adhesive on 1 side that bonds to surface
  • Superflexible and conforms to complex shapes and uneven surfaces
  • Easy to compress and handle
  • Designed to last for the life of vehicle or boat
  • Cuts with scissors or box knife, does not require special application equipment
  • Easy to install with 1-step peel and stick application
  • Can also be used in applications like home theater, skylights, roof panels, curtain walls, windows, boats, yachts, ventilators, HVAC equipment, pump rooms, laundry equipment, generators, machines, motors, RVs, enclosures, cabinets, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers and office furniture
  • Includes 2 sheets of 23 in. x 36 in. (11.5 sq. ft.)