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The 10331 is the cargo kit which is the same as the trunk kit only instead of 10 sheets, you get 16 sheets. This is perfect for extremely large trunks, or any application where you will need to cover a lot of surface area.

HushMat is a line of vibration damping and sound absorption materials formulated to eliminate vibration caused by road noise, engine noise, structural vibrations, and loud systems! It is used to increase the ride quality and the actual response of your system. HushMat offers kits for numerous applications such as a starter kit for basic dampening, a door kit, a trunk kit, and for the people who want extreme dampening, a bulk kit. The two most important factors of HushMat is vibration damping and sound absorption.

Damping is the physics that converts vibrational energy into heat. The HushMat Ultra and Ultra Custom products are designed to dissipate this energy and absorb it into the material. This dramatically reduces the vibrational energy and the noise that comes from it. HushMat enhances the pure sound of your driving experience and your mobile electronic system.

Sound absorption is the reduction of airborne noise, such as tire noise on variable road surfaces, wind noise, motor noise, generator noise, dishwasher noise. It is noise not transmitted through a solid structure. HushMat Silencer foam provides excellent sound absorption properties for air-borne noise.


  • Complete Cargo Kit
  • Stops your subwoofers from rattling
  • Increase sound quality and bass frequency response of your subs
  • Increases the sound output of your subs and makes them about 20 % louder
  • 16 Sheets
  • 12.1” x 23"
  • 31 square feet
  • Color: Silver
  • Eliminates road noise and vibrationReduces heat up to 40 percent
  • Engineered to fit OEM specifications and is approved
  • Wraps easily around tight areas
  • Withstands temperature from minus 30 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit