The MOST-MLGLR supports any aftermarket radio and the following Mercedes-Benz model years:

Mercedes-Benz ML 2005 - 2011 
Mercedes-Benz GL 2005 - 2011 
Mercedes-Benz R   2005 - 2011 
Mercedes-Benz C   2005 - 2008
Mercedes-Benz CLK   2005 - 2008 


The AVIN MOST-MLGLR Fiber Optic Amp Interface allows the Mercedes Harmon Kardon factory amplifier, the output from all speakers including subwoofer, and premium sound quality to be retained when installing ANY aftermarket radio.  Your aftermarket radio must have the REMOTE ON feature to tell the factory amp to power on for sound output.

When installing the MOST-MLGLR into your Mercedes-Benz you must make sure that the fiber optic signal loop is not broken.  If you have other devices which can include original CD Changer, satellite radio, and telephone module they must stay connected so the fiber optic signal loop is consistent.  If you would like to remove  the CD changer, satellite radio or telephone module you can but you will need our MOST Fiber Optic 5 Meters Cable  OR our MOST Fiber Optic Bypass Loop Adapter Plug to make a direct connection from the MOST interface to the factory M.O.S.T. (Media Oriented Systems Transport) amplifier.

To identify if you have a factory-amplified audio system, you can check the vehicle in a number of ways. Some vehicles will have clear markings on the speaker grills indicating the presence of an upgraded audio system. You can also check with the original order notes/invoice from when the car was purchased from the factory, the upgraded sound system with an amplifier would show on the options list. If unsure, you can call your local dealer with your vehicles chassis number and ask them to check if the vehicle was manufactured with an amplified audio system.

NOTE:  This does not support the BOSE D2B fiber optic.