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Please CLICK HERE to register for dealer pricing!


by AIS


The AIS Pro Fog Series is the only LED kit designed exclusively for fog lamps.

With just one touch of the wireless button, change the color of your fog lights from 6500K white to 3000K yellow.

The wireless technology allows you to improve your vision at night with the many different road conditions of today's climate. Now you will be able to have a lot better visbility through fog, rain, snow or ice and have the option to go back to white at the press of a button. The Yellow light beam will define the contours of the road and the marking lines much greater than using a standard white light.

If a bad contact or signal should occur or both lights are alternated, press the button for 3 seconds and they will automatically return to white.


Resistant to : Water, shocks and dust

Cooling of LED Chip : External heat sink

LED Chips Color: Cold White 6500K / Yellow 3000K

Wireless Remote included (battery included)

Power: 30w

Voltage: 9-32v

Comparable to 6,000 lumens